September 2015 – Austria

After a very strong first month, with a lot of good feedback for our August macaron boxes, we went into September feeling pretty good and felt like we were starting to find our feet a little bit.

September presented some new challenges and some new ideas.

These boxes were a lot more complex to put together. In August we were able to use one base recipe for all three of the macaron flavours we provided, whereas in September we decided to have 3 completely different ideas which presented it’s own challenges.

To top things off, two of those recipes required jam, and packing and shipping that provided it’s own set of unique challenges.

Overall I think we put together a good box, learned some, took on board feedback and decided we won’t be doing jam again!

Here’s what went in the September boxes:


2015-09-Classic-PhotoClassic Bake Box

This month our classic bake box was a thoroughly Austrian theme.

This month’s bakes and supplies were:

  • Sacher Torte:
    • Sacher torte cake mix,homemade apricot jam, dark chocolate drops, dark chocolate couverture, and 23.5karat gold leaf
  • Viennese Apple Strudel:
    • Strudel pastry mix, lemon spiced raisins, brown sugar breadcrumbs, an authentic ceylon cinnamon quill
  • Viennese Whirl Biscuits:
    • Viennese whirl cookie mix, buttercream mix, homemade raspberry jam, 3 piping bigs, a piping nozzle to create beautiful swirl shapes
  • Recipe cards with clear easy-to-follow-instructions for each baking mix
  • An extra recipe booklet with an additional 10 Austrian recipes to try out
  • Online video walkthroughs of all 3 bakes

2015-09-Mini-BoxMini Bake Box

This month our mini bake box was all about the Sacher Torte.

The box included everything needed to make a Sacher Torte including:

  • Sacher torte cake mix
  • Homemade apricot jam
  • Dark chocolate drops
  • Dark chocolate couverture
  • 23.5karat gold leaf
  • Recipe card with clear easy-to-follow-instructions
  • An extra recipe booklet with an additional 10 Austrian recipes to try out
  • Online video walkthrough


In 100% honesty, feedback seemed a little bit more mixed this time around than for our first box. Overall still mostly positive, but some customers made some valid points for us to take on board going forward.

We have got some really really exciting stuff planned for October, and trying out a few more things. I think it could be the best box we have put together so far.

If you’d like to sign up in time for our October box, click here.

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