Behind The Scenes #2 – New Challenges

After a very strong launch, we stepped into our second month with a bit more confidence. We tried to do a few new things and while we got some right, we got a few things wrong as well. So as always, I like to put some thoughts down on paper …

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September 2015 – Austria

After a very strong first month, with a lot of good feedback for our August macaron boxes, we went into September feeling pretty good and felt like we were starting to find our feet a little bit. September presented some new challenges and some new ideas. These boxes were a …

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Members Only – 2015 – September – Austria

It’s been a fun month this month. I’d say our August launch was pretty successful, we had lots of good feedback and you all seemed happy for the most part, and willing to overlook my shortcomings and teething problems. Moving into September, we faced some new challenges, had some new …

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Members Only – 2015 – August – Macarons

After several delays and technical problems of all sorts, I am delighted to finally have our membership area up and running. Sort of. This page should only be visible to you if you’re logged in to your Home Bake Box account and you can see it either through our normal …

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August 2015 – Mastering The Macaron

To say the last few weeks have been chaotic is a complete understatement but we’re finally there and finally launched. In the middle of August 2015 our first ever boxes went out. I’ll be writing about our experiences and what we learned from our launch, as well as responding to …

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15 Incredible Recipes For Peanut Butter Lovers


Peanut butter is one of those things which I personally can never get enough of so I usually don’t keep it in the house! One small teaspoon very quickly becomes three teaspoons and then everything gets blurry and the whole jar has disappeared! But for those of you who can …

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10 Unique Cake Pop Recipes You NEED To Try!

Unique Cake Pop Recipes

Cake pops have been getting more and more popular since they emerged a few years ago. It’s probably a mixture of how enticing they look, the size and convenience, that they can be as light or as indulgent as you want, and just the sheer fun novelty value. We’ve spent …

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How To Pipe Roses On Cake

how to pipe roses on cake

In this quick and easy tutorial, brought to you by Charm de Bon Bon, we’re going to show you how to pipe roses on cake. You can use and adapt this technique for piping on any variety of cakes and cupcakes. It is very easy to follow and adds a …

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