Chocolate Cannoli Cups Recipe


Cannolis are traditionally deep-fried pastry rolls filled with ricotta and mascarpone. This is our own version of chocolate cannoli cups, which are baked rather than fried, and with a little bit extra cocoa for a nice chocolate-y twist. [AdSense-B] Chocolate Cannoli Cups Recipe Pastry Mix 70g Icing sugar for your ricotta filling …

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Recipe – Super Easy Nutella Pie

Easy Nutella Pie Recipe

I am pretty sure I’m not the only one that loves Nutella. Quite literally on almost everything. Ok actually literally on absolutely everything. I haven’t used it much in baking before which is why this super easy Nutella pie is particularly exciting. [AdSense-C] I didn’t think it was possible to …

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Chocolate Viennese Whirl Recipe

Try this delicious chocolate Viennese whirl recipe – filled with mint chocolate ganache – for a delicious, chocolatey twist on a baking classic. [AdSense-C] I absolutely love Viennese whirls. Rich, light, buttery, crunchy – pretty much everything you could ask for in a biscuit. But I wanted to try playing …

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Behind The Scenes – December Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a behind-the-scenes update but I really enjoy doing them. It’s my chance to let you get to know the people behind this business better and to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on with us. So here’s a whirlwind tour of …

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December 2015 – Italy

As we did Christmas a month early, we were a little bit stumped about what to do for December. Bearing in mind everyone would be receiving their boxes before Christmas, we wanted to make sure we still did something fun, a little bit festive – but not exactly Christmas-y so …

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November 2015 – Christmas

To make sure all of our loyal customers could enjoy our Christmas themed boxes, we celebrated Christmas in November rather than in our December box.  And it was a lot of fun.  Amidst technical problems which seem to never let me sleep in peace and running a business that is starting to …

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Chocolate Christmas Pudding Pinata Cake Recipe


With Christmas just around the corner (in fact as I type this, it is 1 December so we are officially in safe territory to start counting down to Christmas!) its the time we can all start to relax, get festive and start to really enjoy ourselves and have a bit …

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Peppermint Pinwheel Cookie Recipe


Try this peppermint pinwheel cookie recipe for a great Christmas treat, with extra candy canes to give it a bit more of a crunch and a nice Christmas touch. What’s more is that this recipe uses no artificial colour and no artificial flavouring. We use all natural food colouring in the …

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Mini Orange & Sultana Panettones

Panettones are a Christmas classic. Enjoy this delicious treat in miniature version with our easy to follow recipe, below. Making traditional Christmas recipes can involve a lot of different flavour and spices and more importantly, you want good quality. It makes such a huge difference. That’s why I very strongly …

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October 2015 – Day Of The Dead

Like I mentioned last month, September wasn’t our best. We had some new challenges which we didn’t overcome as well as I would have liked and we got a little bit overwhelmed with the order numbers. So for October I really wanted to keep things simpler, make sure it was …

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