October 2015 – Day Of The Dead

Like I mentioned last month, September wasn’t our best. We had some new challenges which we didn’t overcome as well as I would have liked and we got a little bit overwhelmed with the order numbers.

So for October I really wanted to keep things simpler, make sure it was manageable and not try to grow too fast too soon!

And I think we managed that with the box we put together. I would say it was our best box yet, and probably the most complete as well with good quality bakeware as well as fun recipes for everyone to try, regardless of skill level.

Here is what went into our October box:

Classic Bake Box

This month our classic bake box was all about Mexican Day Of The Dead.

This month’s bakes and supplies were:

  • Skull Sugar Cookies:
    • Cookie mix as well as 4 colours of icing
  • Bread Of The Dead:
    • A traditional Mexican bread eaten to commemorate those lost on Day of the Dead. Probably the most technical thing we have done so far.
  • Lime, Marigold and Orange genoise cake:
    • A light citrusy and floral genoise sponge cake with a whipped cream topping and decorated with a sprinkling of marigold petals
  • Recipe cards with clear easy-to-follow-instructions for each baking mix
  • 9 piece skull cookie cutter set

Mini Bake Box

This month our mini bake box was all about the Bread of the Dead

The box included everything needed to make a Pan De Muerto including:

  • Bread mix
  • Sugar & yeast
  • Spiced brown sugar glaze
  • Sweet and salty topping
  • Recipe card with clear easy-to-follow-instructions


Feedback so far seems to have been very positive. I do try to encourage everyone to come forward with feedback – both positive and negative and I am pleased with the comments we’re getting back and also from the room for improvement that has been suggested to us. It will only help us improve.

We still have a few of each box left from October:

If you would like your own Day of the Dead classic box: click here

If you would like to learn to master Pan De Muerto: click here

If you’d like to sign up in time for our November box, click here.

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