December 2015 – Italy

As we did Christmas a month early, we were a little bit stumped about what to do for December. Bearing in mind everyone would be receiving their boxes before Christmas, we wanted to make sure we still did something fun, a little bit festive – but not exactly Christmas-y so that it could all still be enjoyed over the whole month and not in some mad rush before Christmas.

So we went with an Italian theme and did our best to keep things fun.

And I am quite proud of this month’s box. This was the first month where I have really successfully been able to put my own creative stamp on the bakes we send out. Up to now I have tried to play it a bit safer and stick to slightly more traditional and formulaic bakes. This month I got to play by my own rules!

So here is what went in our December boxes:

Italy-UK-Baking-BoxClassic Bake Box

Our classic bake box this month had:

  • 3 tier tiramisu gateau
  • white chocolate, pistachio and cranberry biscotti
  • chocolate cannoli cups
  • 12 reusable silicone muffin cases to bake the cannoli cups in
  • Step by step recipe cards

IMG_8736Mini Bake Box

Our mini bake box was focussed on the white chocolate, pistachio and cranberry biscotti. Bakers got everything needed to make these crunchy double-baked Italian biscuits and just needed to add the fresh bits.

I was quite proud of how they came out and the red of the cranberries and green of the pistachios, with the added sweetness of the white chocolate made these a great festive (but not too festive) treat.

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