Change Is Coming

As some of you know – and obviously if you received our April box you will definitely be aware – that we are making some pretty big changes about the way we run things here at Home Bake Box HQ.

I did want to fit this into the letter I send out every month with our boxes, but to explain the full reasoning and everything I simply didn’t have enough space.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to set everything out clearly and unequivocally here so you know the score.

What Changes Are Being Made?

We used to run two separate boxes. Our “Classic” box for £19.99/month which usually came with 3 baking kits and a little bit of bakeware, and our “Mini” one for £8.99/month which came with 1 of the recipes from our classic box for the month.

We also had 3 and 6 month gift subscription options for both of these boxes.

From now on, we are simplifying what we’re doing. We have one box, mid-range in price – £13.99/month including free shipping.

We’re going through a little bit of an experimental phase, but this box will typically contain either 1 spectacular bake and all the kit you need for it, or 2 show stopping bakes.

Why Are The Boxes Being Changed?

There are a few reasons, but I have covered the main points below

Print And Postage Costs

This mainly applies to our mini boxes, but with an increase of printing costs for the recipe cards by around 25% and a jump in posting costs has meant that producing the mini boxes every month is no longer viable so we had to revisit how we can continue to provide a good value for money product on a budget!


We want to make sure we get to test out and truly master recipes before we get them ready to be sent out to you. Unfortunately producing 3 new, unique recipes a month was starting to prove more and more difficult and as much fun as it is, I would say I was growing less confident in being able to say that I had mastered the recipes.

By simplifying the boxes a bit, I think we can manage this side of things much better.


We have had a bit of a reduction in our storage space which meant that we needed to simplify our operations a little bit so we don’t need quite as much capacity. This is hopefully a temporary issue but we needed to take this one step backwards in the short term to go forwards.


We want to expand our product offering beyond just subscriptions and the amount of time and space our boxes were taking trying to get 3 recipes done each month made this quite difficult.

We have got great plans for individual boxes, gift boxes, kids’ boxes and more, but we need some time to actually be able to devote to putting these together hence needing to rein things in on the subscription side of things a little bit!


This is probably the single most important reason, and it was mainly that I felt our quality was dropping a bit each month. We were still putting together good original recipes, but trying to cram 3 recipes into our classic boxes usually meant making some compromises and scaling them down – so instead of full bakes it felt like we were sending out miniature versions, and it was not something I was happy with.

With our new set up, we will be sending out full sized bakes, so although we’re sending fewer baking kits each month, our boxes are just as big and probably just as full, so in some ways you’ll actually be getting more than you were!

What About Gifts?

If you are receiving your boxes as part of a gift subscription, rest assured we will not let you down. You will continue to receive your boxes as normal as part of your subscription. You will not be affected in any way.

As always, if you have any questions, just drop us a message through the contact form or email us and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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