January 2016 – Valentine’s Day


Keeping with our trend of going a month ahead of the times, we put together a box of delicious Valentine’s Day baking for our subscribers in January. As with last month, it was mainly recipes of my own creation that we sent out. It’s nice to throw in a little bit …

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December 2015 – Italy

As we did Christmas a month early, we were a little bit stumped about what to do for December. Bearing in mind everyone would be receiving their boxes before Christmas, we wanted to make sure we still did something fun, a little bit festive – but not exactly Christmas-y so …

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November 2015 – Christmas

To make sure all of our loyal customers could enjoy our Christmas themed boxes, we celebrated Christmas in November rather than in our December box.  And it was a lot of fun.  Amidst technical problems which seem to never let me sleep in peace and running a business that is starting to …

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October 2015 – Day Of The Dead

Like I mentioned last month, September wasn’t our best. We had some new challenges which we didn’t overcome as well as I would have liked and we got a little bit overwhelmed with the order numbers. So for October I really wanted to keep things simpler, make sure it was …

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September 2015 – Austria

After a very strong first month, with a lot of good feedback for our August macaron boxes, we went into September feeling pretty good and felt like we were starting to find our feet a little bit. September presented some new challenges and some new ideas. These boxes were a …

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August 2015 – Mastering The Macaron

To say the last few weeks have been chaotic is a complete understatement but we’re finally there and finally launched. In the middle of August 2015 our first ever boxes went out. I’ll be writing about our experiences and what we learned from our launch, as well as responding to …

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