Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti Recipe


A delicious twice-baked cranberry pistachio biscotti recipe. With biscotti you bake once to give them their shape, and then bake again to give them their crunch. These delicious cranberry pistachio biscotti are particularly nice at Christmas, but good for any other time of year as well! Optionally drizzle some melted white chocolate …

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Chocolate Christmas Pudding Pinata Cake Recipe


With Christmas just around the corner (in fact as I type this, it is 1 December so we are officially in safe territory to start counting down to Christmas!) its the time we can all start to relax, get festive and start to really enjoy ourselves and have a bit …

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Peppermint Pinwheel Cookie Recipe


Try this peppermint pinwheel cookie recipe for a great Christmas treat, with extra candy canes to give it a bit more of a crunch and a nice Christmas touch. What’s more is that this recipe uses no artificial colour and no artificial flavouring. We use all natural food colouring in the …

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Mini Orange & Sultana Panettone

Panettone is a Christmas classic. Enjoy this delicious treat in miniature version – sultana panettone version in fact – with our easy to follow recipe, below. Making traditional Christmas recipes can involve a lot of different flavour and spices and more importantly, you want good quality. It makes such a …

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