Behind The Scenes #2 – New Challenges

After a very strong launch, we stepped into our second month with a bit more confidence.

We tried to do a few new things and while we got some right, we got a few things wrong as well.

So as always, I like to put some thoughts down on paper (or screen) as to what I got write, what we need to work on and how we go forward.

More Complex Boxes

These boxes were more complicated to put together than our August boxes. In August, with macarons we had one base recipe that we would use for all three of the flavours we provided.

With September we had three very different recipes, with completely different bases and with more individual components each. The time to make up the mixes, assemble and pack them was much more.

With more orders as well, it meant that we got a little bit overwhelmed and got rushed off our feet a bit.


For October we have already planned ahead and have a much better idea of what we’re going to be putting together and have an estimate of customer numbers, so we can plan ahead and get things ready earlier.


Two of the three recipes this month called for jam and it took me a little while to think about how best to pack and and send out the two separate types of jam.

When we did a test run of it, it all went well and was easy enough to do. Trying to do it in bulk however was a completely different story. It was messy, some bags leaked and it probably came across as really unprofessional.

The main thing we learned is to never ever do jam again!

Working With Suppliers

When we started this business, we wanted to be able to send out baking utensils and tools as well as the baking mixes we provide, so that we can provide a good quality overall experience.

Unfortunately this has proved to be extremely difficult.

Maybe we’re too small still, but a lot of UK suppliers have flatly turned us down meaning that we’re going to have to start looking overseas for some of the things we want to provide.

It is a bit sad that British businesses won’t support a British start-up but it’s out of my hands. Even with shipping, overseas suppliers work out cheaper, but I really would have preferred to work with British suppliers especially to start with.

Maybe in future as we grow, suppliers might change their minds, but we will have to wait and see.

In the mean time, a couple of UK suppliers have had no issues so we will work with them without hesitation and whatever we need to bring in from overseas, we’ll do that.

Slow It Down

On reflection we tried to do a few too many things at once in September. I think we need to pull ourselves back a little bit, and try to improve a little bit at a time rather than trying to do a dozen or so things in one go.

Customer Service

I have said since the outset that good customer service will be the main driver of this business. And I maintain that. I want our customer service to be a level higher than virtually any other business out there and will do my best to make that happen.

That might well end up being my USP with this business, but again, time will tell.

Website Stuff

Trying to get our website sorted took me a lot more time than I liked but on the bright side we now have an overhauled website, which loads quickly (on my computer anyway!), has a good clean layout and most importantly, a working password rest button for those of you that can’t get into your accounts!

It isn’t as pretty as the old layout but I’ll happily take a slightly less stylish one that works over a stylish one that doesn’t!

Future Stuff

We still have exciting plans in the works and the fact that we now have a working website, it is a bit easier to go ahead with those plans!

That includes:

  • Continuing to grow and improve our monthly subscription boxes
  • Online video tutorials and how-to guides
  • An online shop
  • One-off boxes, gift boxes and gift subscriptions
  • Digital downloads
  • Product reviews

We won’t get everything started in one go – that would be silly! But these plans are all in the works and will hopefully take off quickly!

Until next time….and of course anything you’d like to talk to me about, just drop me a message through the contact page: Link


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