Trevor Wong

How To Make Chinese Mooncakes

Learn How To Make Chinese Mooncakes As we are heading into Autumn, that means Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is here from 15th – 17th September. This is a time where the family will come all together for dinner and enjoy the gathering under a full moon and the tale of the …

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How To Make A Baked Alaska

With summer coming to an end and it seems like we are catching the last bit of summer heat at the end of August. This has made us want to share this amazing cool idea of a Baked Alaska, where the filling of the bake is ice cream, this will …

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How To Make A Smoking Volcano Cake

This amazing smoking volcano cake idea comes from My Cupcake Addiction, as well as being delicious to eat is is also a work of art. It will surely please kids at a party, but will also leave adults admiring it as well. The instructions and how to make this cake …

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17 Juicy Mango Baking Recipes


Now that we are getting close to summer, it’s time to have a look and see what fruits are in season during this period. From the variety of different Spring fruits, we have chosen mango. Mangoes are in season from Spring until Summer, so this gives you enough time to try …

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March 2016 – Spring Baking

As spring is getting closer, we decided that a spring themed bake would be ideal for March. We believe we have come up with some terrific bakes, perfectly suited to the spring theme, and challenging but not overly so. I think we have managed to get something for everyone into …

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Raspberry and Rose Water Cake

Try this delicious rose water cake recipe – an easy, fun and fragrant treat, perfect for Valentine’s Day. [AdSense-C] Rose water is a little bit of an acquired taste, but by combining with the sharpness of raspberries and the softness of creamy buttercream, I think we have put together something …

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Easy Strawberry Cupcakes From Scratch

Try these delicious real strawberry cupcakes from scratch. Incredibly simple to make, bursting with flavour, with an appearance topic both specked red with real strawberry, these are a delicious, Valentine’s treat. Pipe your buttercream in a rose shape for an extra special effect. [AdSense-C] [AdSense-B] Ingredients: For the cupcakes: 125g …

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Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

I have spent ages looking for a good red velvet chocolate chip cookies recipe and I think I have nailed it finally. A bright, Valentine’s Day take on traditional buttery, crunchy shortbread biscuit. Traditionally the red velvet colour is created by a reaction between cocoa powder, vinegar & buttermilk. Unfortunately as …

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Tiramisu Gateau Recipe


Tiramisu is probably the best known Italian dessert but there isn’t much baking involved. So I have given it my own twist to put together this delicious three tier tiramisu gateau recipe. The photo has 2 tiers, but these instructions give you everything you need for a 3-tier masterpiece. The layers are quite …

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Chocolate Cannoli Cups Recipe


Cannolis are traditionally deep-fried pastry rolls filled with ricotta and mascarpone. This is our own version of chocolate cannoli cups, which are baked rather than fried, and with a little bit extra cocoa for a nice chocolate-y twist. [AdSense-B] Chocolate Cannoli Cups Recipe Pastry Mix 70g Icing sugar for your ricotta filling …

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