22 Brilliant Easter Baking Ideas Recipes You NEED To Try!

Easter usually means Spring is just around the corner, and chocolate and sugar are in abundance. Bright colours always encourage me to get creative with Easter baking ideas but some times it’s hard to come up with something a bit unique.

Of course there are classic “nest” cakes with mini eggs on top, or chocolate puffed rice treats decorated the same way, but I am always looking for something a bit different to try – if nothing else, just for variety and for a bit of a challenge!

So I have been out searching and have come up with some of the very best, most interesting looking Easter baking ideas to try out!

Have a look…

22 Easter Baking Ideas You Need To Try!

1. Chocolate “Hidden” Carrot Cake

This is a great idea that works well – not just with carrots but with any vegetable. The tricky part is needing to bake one cake, cut out the carrots and bake it in the other one (as is the same for most ‘surprise’ or ‘hidden’ cakes) but it’s fun slicing one open and finding the surprise!


2. Chocolate Egg Shells With Orange Jelly Mousse

I’ve never been that great at getting proper chocolate shells from melting my own chocolate, but if you can get past that step then chocolate with an orange jelly mousse is perfect and springy!


3. Mocha Chocolate Bundt Cake

This is definitely one of those “stop what you’re doing and admire this” cakes – beautiful bundt shape, shiny chocolate ganache, mini eggs for the Easter theme…and mocha flavour – which means it has coffee. So I am a very happy bunny *no pun intended…really!*


4. Easter “Egg” Strawberries

Somewhat healthier than the normal chocolate eggs. If you’re watching the calories a little bit, then these are a great alternative to chocolate eggs, that look just as good. Bear in mind chocolate you use for decorating will still have sugar in it, but it will be much lighter in calories than a whole standard chocolate egg of course!

More info

5. Hot Cross Bun Loaf

For my international readers I’m not sure, but in the UK hot cross buns are both a spring and an Easter classic. This is a nice little twist on the classic bun recipe and beautiful eaten warm, toasted, with butter.


6. Creme Egg Chocolate Caramel Shortbread

Just a heads-up now, there are a lot of Creme Egg recipes in this list. I have handpicked the best, so no simple Creme Egg brownies or anything like that. All the ones I have picked are a little bit special – like these Creme Egg caramel shortbreads, which look like nothing I have ever had the pleasure of trying before!


7. The Ultimate To-Die-For-Carrot Cake

One classic carrot cake was bound to feature on this list, and this is possibly one of the best you will ever try. It has a slightly surprising secret ingredient of applesauce as well, which I have never tried baking with in cake before!


8. Cupcake Bouquet

You have a bit of a blank canvas with this one. Whatever combination of flavours and colours you want. The one condition is that you have to be able to finish them to look like this though!

Recipe (You may need to translate this one!)

9. Carrot Cake Roll

Easter and carrots obviously go hand in hand thanks to bunnies so a few carrot recipes would feel at home on this list. If you’re sick of normal carrot cake, try making a carrot cake roll. It is a bit lighter and fluffier than normal carrot cake – or it wouldn’t roll properly, and the switch up is completely refreshing!


10. Creme Egg Rocky Road

The second Creme Egg recipe to feature on this list – delicious Creme Egg rocky road! I don’t think I have the words to describe these any better than the picture already does…


11. Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

I am an absolute sucker for cookie dough – usually because when I bake cookies I tend to ingest most of the batter in dough form! But anyway, cookie dough is an absolute good in any form.

When you can make Easter egg shaped truffles out of it and decorate them like this, you’re creating something absolutely irresistible.


12. Naked Carrot Cake With Salted Caramel Drizzle

Whoever invented salted caramel is no less than a culinary hero in my book and whoever thought of pairing it with a delicious dense carrot cake is pretty much legendary too.


13. Funfetti Shortbread Bites

Technically speaking these funfetti shortbread bites aren’t strictly Easter-themed, but I liked the bursts of bright colours and it looked kind of fun to throw together. You can use a cookie cutter and cut them into Easter shapes as well though so we’re not too far off the theme with these ones!


14. Creme Egg Cheesecake

One more Creme Egg recipe. Sorry but it is Easter after all and they’re not around for much of the time the rest of the year, so make the most of it now while you can!

Also….that drizzle topping…. drool over it. Go on.


15. Easter Basket Cookie Cups

These are nifty little things, made of peanut butter cookies (although you can probably use any kind of cookies you want!), filled with green buttercream (buttercream colour and flavour is also entirely up to you) and topped with M&M’s. As a self-confessed peanut butter addict though, the original recipe practically sings to me!


16. Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops

In case you want to try something fun, but quite simple to do – especially if you are getting the kids involved. These bunny marshmallow pops are perfect.


17. Easter Egg Anti-Gravity Cake

You would expect a company the size of Lakeland to be able to pull off something a little bit special. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious then this is absolutely 100% one to aim for. Give it a go!


18. Carrot, Pistachio And Pomegranate Loaf

One more that moves away from chocolate. Pistachio and pink colours have always gone extremely well together visually anyway. But carrot, pistachio and pomegranate, apart from the absolutely eye-popping colours, is a completely new flavour combination to me!


19. Creme Egg Cheesecake Cake

Ok I promise this is the last Creme Egg recipe on the list, but it is an absolutely spectacular one. A Creme Egg cheesecake cake. When I saw this recipe I wasn’t far off from licking the screen!


20. Easter Bird Nest Cake

Sorry but I had to include at least one bird’s nest cake in this list – it is literally the most common Easter-y cake, so this list would almost seem incomplete without it!

But I have gone for one that really is a cut above the rest but still not too tricky to make.


21. Easter Mason Jar Cookies

This might be a fun little twist instead of hunting for Easter Eggs – how about hunting for a mason jar to make your own bright colourful cookies with? A bit more effort, but probably a lot more fun!


22. Easy Easter Oreo Truffles

With just 4 ingredients, not much baking and a whole lot of fun decorating, these ones absolutely 100% definitely should be on your list of recipes to try.

Usually working with Oreos they don’t last long enough for me to actually get to the part to include them in recipes, but if you can overcome that obstacle, then you’re probably onto a winner with these!


Any More Easter Baking Ideas?

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