Raspberry and Rose Water Cake

Try this delicious rose water cake recipe – an easy, fun and fragrant treat, perfect for Valentine’s Day. [AdSense-C] Rose water is a little bit of an acquired taste, but by combining with the sharpness of raspberries and the softness of creamy buttercream, I think we have put together something …

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Tiramisu Gateau Recipe


Tiramisu is probably the best known Italian dessert but there isn’t much baking involved. So I have given it my own twist to put together this delicious three tier tiramisu gateau recipe. The photo has 2 tiers, but these instructions give you everything you need for a 3-tier masterpiece. The layers are quite …

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Chocolate Christmas Pudding Pinata Cake Recipe


With Christmas just around the corner (in fact as I type this, it is 1 December so we are officially in safe territory to start counting down to Christmas!) its the time we can all start to relax, get festive and start to really enjoy ourselves and have a bit …

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